Student projects

Proposals for student projects :     click here   

This list includes semester projects and master projects. 
If you need more info, please contact the person in charge of the project.


Submission of reports :   click here

Use the following filenames :
   Report :                                 2016_yourname_report.pdf

      PPT presentation (in pdf) :    2016_yourname_presentation.pdf
 +   Relevant videos (if any)        2016_yourname_video.avi

(all files in pdf format please)

Ongoing student projects:
click here

Instructions for projects in our lab:

–  Instructions for semester projects

–  Instructions for master projects

–  Grading sheet

–  Template “how to write a report

Propositions de stages ou master en industrie via LMIS4:  here

General information on industrial internships for EPFL students:    here


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